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OK here it is! The intro to my nearly completed X-men story! I'm… - Look Sir, Droids! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Absolute, Most Boring, Sci-Fi Shit

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[Sep. 30th, 2005|01:13 am]
The Absolute, Most Boring, Sci-Fi Shit


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OK here it is! The intro to my nearly completed X-men story! I'm totally like 2 pages away from finishing it! Wish me luck. This is for all you folk unfamiliar with the X-men(price) so you can see what they look like and what their powers are not to mention the other what where when and whys about my story! Here goes jack...
"The Prodigal Sinner" Ok, so The X-men are mutants. They are called homo superior and different from homo sapiens. The X-men themselves are men and women that have joined with uber-rich Charles Xavier. Xavier lives in Westchester, NY in the Salem area and he is the owner, headmaster, and spokesperson for the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. That is a school in which mutants can come together and escape the persicution that they meet in the world. It is also the training ground for the X-men. They are superheros and damn good ones too. Here they are:

Logan aka Wolverine:


He is a mutant with the ability to heal himself from any wound, big or small and he's got 3 12-inch retractable claws that extend out the back of each hand. When he retracts them they withdraw into his forearm. His senses are all hyper tuned, he's basically an animal. He's a nasty guy that you don't want to fight against, cause you'll lose.

Remy Lebeau aka Gambit:


Gambit can charge any object with it's latent kinetic energy, which usually ends up with that object exploding, like a grenade. His weapons of choice are playing cards, which he carries an enormous amount on his at all times, cause he likes to show off. he's a very skilled fighter and is a sucker for the ladies.

Rogue aka love of my LIFE!--- that's a joke


She's the love interest of Gambit and has the ability to absorb thoughts, emotions, attributes, and powers ( if it's a mutant) of anyone she touches. Her skin is a very very deadly thing, one touch will normally drain a person mentally, so they pass out. The effect is temporary, normally wearing off in a few hours. But a kiss, will kill you. Her kisses drain the very life force out of people. Once, she held on a bit too long with a superhero named Ms. Marvel and absorbed her powers of flight and super-strength. Now, they are permanantly bonded to her.

Charles Xavier aka Professor X


Charles is the most powerful telepath on the planet. He can read minds, control minds, and is supremely smart. he is the surrogate father to every X-man is the leader of all of them. He is loved by them all and is held in very high regards, often standing as a symbol for the team. In the timeline of the story, he has turned himself in to the authorities and is not with the X-men, in body.

Dr. Henry McCoy, Phd. aka Hank aka Beast


he is a mutant, born with large feet and hands and a massive mind. Later on in life, a freak accident turned him furry and blue, with claws and pointy teeth. He is extremely athletic and is quick, nimble and agile, like a gymnast. He has super-strength and can use his feet just as well as his hands. He is also a renowned physicist and is very scary to look at, but he's just a blue teddy bear

Ororo Munroe aka Storm and Scott Summers aka Cyclops


Storm is the black one. She can control the weather and can fly and is an incredibly skilled warrior. She is also second in command over the X-men, the first in command being Cyclops. He has the ability to shoot optic blasts from his eyes fueled by solar energy which his body aborbs like a giant solar cell. The downside is, he can't open his eyes, without his ruby quartz glasses or visor on because, well, he'll kill everyone.

Piotr Rasputin aka Colossus


Colossus is a mutant with the ability to transform his entire body into organic steel, which is nearly invulnerable. He has a temper problem and can hurt lots of bad guys if he needs to. For the most part, he is a very gentle soul, who paints very very well.

Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler


Nightcrawler is a frightening looking mutant, but dont let that fool you. He's a very gentle man, who's a devout Catholic. He has the power to teleport himself and a limited amount of mass up to 2 miles away, he can also blend in with the shadows and can adhere to nearly any surface. he is a trained acrobat from the Munich Circius and is a very skilled swordsman. He is a step-brother to Rogue.

Jean Grey aka...Jean Grey


Jean is an incredibly gifted telepath, but more than that, she's telekinetic and a damn good one too. She can move almost everything wtih her mind and is incredibly smart. She is wife to Cyclops and one of Xavier's first students.

Now that I've given you the WHO, I'll give you the WHY. Gambit was kicked out of the X-men in the Uncanny X-men Issue 350 and returned in Uncanny X-men issue 361. The whole time he was gone, alot of gay happened. ALOT OF GAY. I didnt' like it, so I wrote it the way I wanted to see it happen. This story picks up in between those two issues and leads up to Uncanny 361. It's basically fanfiction and I like it. Gambit's in New Orleans and Wolverine is driving down there to see if he can persusade Gambit to return to the X-men.

Damn that was long!!! I'll be eventually posting the story chapter by chapter or like, cliffhanger by cliffhanger. It's good I Promise.

[User Picture]From: littlebrownshoe
2005-09-30 12:59 pm (UTC)

Logan <3's Silverfox


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[User Picture]From: manintial
2005-09-30 08:13 pm (UTC)
Now I know who everyone is and won't feel like a complete idiot when you guys talk about the X-Men. Now post the story in parts, so we can get reading!

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