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The Absolute, Most Boring, Sci-Fi Shit

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[0100101010100101010101010010100101010101010010101001] [Oct. 2nd, 2005|06:32 pm]
The Absolute, Most Boring, Sci-Fi Shit


I have been pondering about my science fiction megastory I am working on, and I figured I could ask the BSF crew for some initial opinions.

Right now I have the major plot broken down into five arcs. I guess the first and last arc can be considered Acts I & III respectively. Act II could in that sense be the middle arcs. I can see this building up to a few novels or an ongoing series, because I have a whole lot for it. I have been testing out the waters in how I want to begin writing it out. I right now have a very very loose outline. It's an outline of the overstory that happens. I haven't written out any super detailed outlines for the inner workings and I haven't connected a few parts that need to be connected. What I do have is a very detailed background of the setting, dating back to millions of years ago. Taylor, I've talked about all this stuff with you.

I guess I am just worried because the only thing I can think of to do with the intro of this story is have it begin with either a flashback of a battle the captain of the ship that the story involves was in. This is so cliche right now and i don't know if i really want to go that route. I was thinking maybe i should begin it with a conflict in the war going on while we are reading the story, and we discover much later on how that factors into the story. I also thought of maybe beginning with a good introduction for one of the main characters who isn't on the ship the story begins with. This is all very unclear as of right now, so I will just laydown the progression of my story.

A millennium ago, an ancient civilization designed an enormous space travel system called the Access Gate System. The AGS worked off of a network called the Access Gate Network. In laymen’s terms it is a network that is a mixture of the internet and inter-dimensional radiation. The AGS was created to cut space travel time dramatically. It utilized a system of natural and artificial wormholes to travel from point A to point Z without dealing with B through Y. Huge gates that resembled circular ships controlled the AGS by opening wormholes and calibrating them to a ship’s needs. This system led to a boom in space colonization and made the whole universe a vast network. The governing body first agreed this type of travel would lead to better control over its lands. Towards the center of the universe, the first civilization was peaceful and wise. The outer civilizations—the newer ones—were hostile and violent. This colonization of new worlds had led to new conflicts.

The only way to combat and control this violence was to create a type of creature who was smarter and stronger than the colonists. These super soldiers were adept in different areas. Many had no idea how they were created. They simply knew that they were dangerous. The outer worlds decided to rise against the super soldiers and battles broke out over numerous worlds. The government combated back by shipping out many more soldiers. The soldiers soon grew tired of being a government mule and created their own faction. They grew large and powerful. A massive conflict arose in which those of normal strength battled those of super strength. What the super soldier’s had in physical strength, the colonist and citizens had in power and numbers.

The war was vicious and horrible--many worlds were destroyed, many colonies lost. When all was said and done, the core system had lost its government and the super soldiers spread far and wide. Many died in space battles while others simply gave up their fight. The last act of war was the most deliberate act. While neither side knew which had executed it, it affected everyone. The control system for the AGS was completely destroyed. This led to a massive system breakdown. Every ship inside the AGS stream was frozen instantly in time. Every gate connected to it shut down and disguised itself. The colonies were disconnected from each other and no one knew of any other’s fate.
One very isolated system had two hospitable planets. The first to be colonized was a rich planet with lush forests and strong seas and rivers. Its life forms were docile and friendly to domestication. No high form of intelligence existed so the colonist felt no guilt in being the predominant creatures. They created deep above ground and underground cities that held the colonists. At first, the isolation let the colonist reach peace with the soldiers. They worked together to build a strong community until conflict arose once more. Battles started to reemerge and only one decision could be made. The decision came to this: there were two hospitable worlds and two inhospitable groups of people. The obvious choice was for one group to move to the un-colonized planet.

Using their muscle and superior soldier skills, the super soldiers forced the less superior to the new world. Upon arrival they discovered a new race of people never known to exist. It was their first experience with a native intelligent species. The species were not as intelligent as the colonist, but they were adaptable. The species were a stocky people of cave dwelling origin. The colonist approached them slowly until they slowly adapted to each other’s presence. Over the decades they started to mingle and eventually bred together, finding themselves to surprisingly be compatible race.

The new race that arose from the two was a very strong race. They were fast moving smart hunters. The race created strived for a long time with legends of their origin and created a near utopian society. They watched the sky for signs of their brethren until their ancestor’s colony planet faded from a lush green spot to a bright red spot. They knew their ancestors had faded away and that it was their fate to succeed. The succession would have been easy had it not been for an intense set of eruptions around the world. This led to a change in the planet that created turmoil and separation. Thousands of years passed until the past was forgotten. The people had developed into humanity. A millennium of culture and history was lost under miles of dirt or tons of water.

Society had brought itself back up from the ashes over this time. They had rediscovered technology and had brought themselves back into the age of space exploration. The jump to strong technology was slow at first but after the commercialization of space and other planets/moons to the common man, it boomed. The system found itself re-colonized and space travel became second nature to man. Humanity found itself on a strong level of who it was when its sense of self came crashing down. Upon colonization of mars, some explorers found the ancient ruins of the former colony. Not understanding much about it, scientists managed to find a rudimentary code of language hidden in their records and literature and art. They discovered the common ancestry and a vague understanding of the Mars war and that they were isolated from their society. Scientist worked over a hundred years to decode the ancient text and discovered tons of secrets.

They discovered the secrets to maintaining space vehicles and how to colonize new worlds successfully. They also discovered the secrets of synthesizing new materials and weapons. As time progressed man ventured further and further out of their home system. As far as the large asteroid belt surrounding the system. Upon a dense colonization of the system, the scientist made two vast discoveries.

Their first discovery was a successful method of genetic engineering that allowed them to choose what traits a human had and what they could be successful in. Their second discovery was of an ancient method of travel and communication using wormhole technology. These two scientific booms led them to creating a human workhorse. A genetic mule that was successful in only one job in life. Its communication was kept at a minimum and the new genetic humans were created sterile. They could communicate to their bosses and their fellow gens but not too greatly. The sterility of their systems was only superficial, as the gens engaged in mass group sex out of boredom and stupidity. Millions were used in the workforce.

Most of humanity’s sources from the colonies and from earth were used in locating the AGS port located in the system. Sophisticated stealth and cloak devices were used to hide it from view and radar. Gravitational devices were used to shift its position and to ward approaching ships away. After discovering a way to manipulate these devices, humanity was quick to work to rebuild the gate. A huge project started that worked from the ground up taking apart the gate and recalibrating it and discovering its secrets. Finally, after fifty years of work, man understood how to activate it. Since it couldn’t reboot the entire system, it was only able to reactivate the AGS to the nearest colony. The AGS contacted a gate a few stars away and reactivated its system. The wormhole opened and the first cross system diplomat from earth was sent through the gate.

The system the AGS had reactivated was a dead system. Its society had all but annihilated itself. The secrets of the system helped earth to understand more of its ancient ancestral mystery. The newly discovered system still had hospitable planets and moons. Humans moved into the system and colonized the worlds. The workhorses built new colonies and restored old colonies. They were designed to live hundreds of years on minimal food and shelter. The AGS system had been reactivated to three other systems. Each new system discovered was as dead as the previous system. Each dead system led to new discoveries for other systems.

The sixth system discovered had last been inhabited seven hundred years before. The AGS was still active and had been for those seven hundred years. The exploration team set the gate calibrated to Earth and activated it. Upon entering the gate they realized the civilization that had used it had not managed to activate the other gates and had simply froze in the wormhole. When earth’s gate opened an enormous fleet of ships emerged at high speed. Many managed to gain control, but a small fraction did not. They broke their fall on the earth’s surface. Most of the earth was destroyed and only the otherworldly colonies existed. The remains of earth were nothing more than wreckage and a ghetto.

Using the ancient text, both societies were able to communicate. Upon the many years spent with each other the two societies developed a joint society through the four dead systems. They repopulated the worlds and had developed a new government system that functioned well. This routine continued for a while until an uprising started. The workhorses had grown tired of being mules. One out of every 200 gens was able to recreate. This was an unforeseen ability and it confused the government. The newborns were referred to as First Gens and were at first hunted. They soon were allowed partial citizenship since their intelligence levels were normal. Their skills were high in whatever their parents were.

As the First Gens matured, a lot demanded freedom for their people. A huge war erupted in which many lives were lost which is referred to as the First Gate War.

That backstory was written about 8 or 9 months ago and I need to edit a little, but most of it is accurate still.

Captain Dresden and his crew: Dresden is a former "gunboat" captain who has since left the military life. He is currently in a state of inactive duty. If a military situation ever arised where they needed his expertise, they reserve the right to call him back into duty. He has a crew of about 9 on his ship. For the most part they work legal jobs. They are usually used as an escort ship for officials or people trying to avoid public eye. Dresden and his crew gets drafted by the Galactic Allied Fleet to run some spy missions. This is about where the story picks up.
Catherine Summerstrong and her squadron: Catherine is a very advanced pilot who basically goes through a bunch of shit and thinks her choice of a military career is bullcrap until she gets assigned to a squadron of test pilots that are now trying out the first fighters that can easily transition between being an aerodynamic atmospheric fighter and a well rounded space craft. Catherine and Dresden eventually have to work together.
The Two Admirals: I haven't thought of their names yet. They are the two most respected GAF Admirals who lead most of the battles. One is for sure named Katherine (not to be confused with Catherine) and the other (a male) is unnamed. They are in love yet have never expressed that once. Both are completely devoted to military and are beloved by their crews.
DoE: one of the warring factions is known as the Descendants of Evolution. They are the disgruntled First Gens left around from previous battles who have banned together as a radical movement for "freedom."</u>
Humanity Foundation: this is just the douches who think everything should stay pure and very separated by caste. This means that all the first gens and so forth are the bottom and they are the top. this faction is pretty much aristocratic asses.

That's enough information for now. Yikes.

[User Picture]From: remylovesrogue
2005-10-03 08:25 pm (UTC)
you know i love this baby!!

Max, you are a leaf in the wind!!!
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