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Ok so here it is The Intro the the "famed" X-men story I've coined.… - Look Sir, Droids! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Absolute, Most Boring, Sci-Fi Shit

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[Jan. 10th, 2006|12:12 am]
The Absolute, Most Boring, Sci-Fi Shit


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[music |The Perfect Drug by NIN]

Ok so here it is The Intro the the "famed" X-men story I've coined.

I reckon there’s two sides to everything. Sharp and dull. Cold and hot. Friend and foe. The lines between them sometimes blur and that’s when folks get hurt. I’ve been on all sides of the spectrum, and I can tell you, bub, I’d rather know what I can’t trust than trust something I know nothing about. That’s where the Cajun comes in. For years, I fought beside him and him with me. We’ve been buds, we’ve been teammates, but more importantly, we’ve been family. Until recently, I thought I could live in the gray area. I didn’t know everything about him, but didn’t need to. He’s saved my ass as much as I’ve ever saved his. When Magneto pulled out my flamin’ adamantium, and I left the X-men, Remy was the last to wish me well on my journey. I knew that meant he didn’t want me to go. With a past as checkered as both mine and his is, I knew he’d miss the ol’ Canucklehead. He was also the first to welcome me back. When Rogue put him in that nasty coma from a helluva kiss, I was by his side in the ER. That’s also the time that Rogue decided that maybe love had two sides as well. I told her she’d just have to take the good with the bad. She saw what the bad was, but it didn’t have a face for her to see. It was a force. A Sinister force she could neither comprehend nor stand up against. Sometimes you gotta look at things from a distance and take it all in. I reckon I could still trust him. If I knew the truth. I ain’t been one to hold a grudge. And if you believe that, I can also stick to walls and shoot web from my hands.

Alabama 12:25 PM

He pressed the clutch pedal on the silver motorcycle and switched to the next gear. His eyes watered with the rushing air flying at him. Warren can handle this crap better’n I can, he thought. The same series of thoughts resounded in his head during the 2 day bike ride from Westchester NY to New Orleans LA. Gambit had been trusted time and time again and yet it seemed that he could no longer be seen as a brother, rather as an enemy. He had to atone for his sins on his own in Antarctica. All on his own. Yeah, and if he’s still stuck in that icecube, then I’m a monkey’s uncle. Only one place Cajun can go to. And even then, they don’t want him there either, Wolverine thought. He shook his head and heard a ringing sound in his ear. There used to be a time when you heard that, it was just the wind blowing hard in your ears and you were all alone. But with the X-Men, you are never alone. He pushed a red button near the throttle.
“Wolverine, here. Go ahead,” he spoke aloud.
“Where’n the hell are you?!?!,” the usually sweet southern belle on the other end yelled.
“I’m on I-59 about to cross into Cajun Country,” he said and winced, knowing he had just stuck his foot in his mouth.
“You told me not ta go lookin’ for him now you turn your ass around an’ get back here now!!” Rogue yelled once more.
“Listen to me Rogue, I want to see if I can find him. I have a hunch he still has one home left and if I can’t find him in 3 days, then I’ll personally write you a letter of apology. ‘Till then, stop screamin’ my head off will ya? I can barely hear the bike over your flamin’ voicebox, “he said sternly yet playfully.
“If ah couldn’t find ‘im there, then what makes you think you can?” she spoke after a pause. Logan didn’t have to be near her to know that her anger had turned to sadness once more.
“Cause I gotta feelin’ the last person he wants to see right now, is you, babe. He may still love ya, but ya hurt him deep just as much as he hurt us. I’ll call you if I see or hear from ‘im, I promise.”
“Logan, this is his home. Bring ‘im here. Bring ‘im back ta me.”
“If he wants to come back, he will. It’s all up to him. Chuck never forced anyone of us to come join him, and I ain’t gonna do no different. Don’t leave the mansion. Don’t come for me or him. Logan, out” he pushed the button again just as he heard a sob on the other line. He knew he wouldn’t find Gambit anywhere. But he had to look nonetheless. The green sign to his far right said “STATE LINE. WELCOME TO LOUISIANA!!” The sun was at its highest point, and he would be in New Orleans by night time.


[User Picture]From: dunemanic
2006-01-14 05:55 am (UTC)
good start. i like the italicized bit more than the rest, but i think its funny

just where is Remy?
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